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Congratulations to President Liu on his election as vice president of Linyi advertising materials chamber of Commerce

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Linyi wholesaler Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Federation) is a non-profit business association composed of companies or individuals operating normally in major wholesale markets in Linyi city. It is the largest Chamber of Commerce in Linyi city. The Federation is an important link to realize resource optimization and group development under the condition of market economy. It is an important link between the government and merchants, merchants and merchants, merchants and society. It works under the guidance and support of Linyi Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Civil Affairs Bureau and other government departments. The Federation aims to promote Linyi trade and logistics cooperation and provide business consulting. It mainly serves industrial and commercial enterprises and self-employed operators in various wholesale markets in Linyi, provides economic information, business cooperation and business consulting services among trade and logistics enterprises, helps Linyi enterprise product brand management, coordinates problems in the process of enterprise development, and provides service support for jointly building the development of Linyi trade and logistics and building a harmonious and beautiful Linyi.

In order to comply with the development trend of the times and develop together. The advertising materials chamber of Commerce of Linyi wholesaler Federation and Linyi advertising materials market jointly established the advertising materials chamber of Commerce on March 29, 2017. President Liu was elected vice president of the association through the election of the company, which will contribute to promoting the development of Linyi advertising material industry.

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